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Our range

From classic wheat crusts to cardamom crusts and whole grain crusts. At Blekinge Skorpan we offer a wide range of crusts, both classic and organic. 

classic wheat biscuits

Enjoy our timeless classic wheat biscuits. Perfect for a coffee break or a quick snack. Authentic taste and carefully selected ingredients.

Cardamom biscuits

Fall in love with the smell and taste of our cardamom crusts. An elegant twist to your crust experience. Refined luxury in every bite.

Wholemeal crusts

Update your crust experience with our nutritious whole grain crusts. Robust and rich flavor with carefully selected ingredients.

organic crusts

Explore our organic crusts for a sustainable and delicious taste experience. Enjoy authentic taste with ingredients that respect the planet.

Curious about our products?

Discover our range of biscuits and much more at Dabas! Explore classic, cardamom, whole grain and organic options. Find your favorite today!